MolBioCloud Tools Updates

This file gallery contains the update scripts for the molbiocloud system. Both tools updates and system update scripts are provided here. For information about how to install these, please refer to the MolBioCloud tutorial section.
  T Name Size Last modified
Ballgown installer - May 24, 2018
This installer installs ballgown r package, along with all its dependencies, including devtools, dplyr, RSkittleBrewer and genefilter. The installer has been tested in MolBioCloud 20182.
11.81 KB 2018-05-24
Galaxy Installer - 18.05 - May 30, 2018
This packages prepares and sets up a local galaxy server, within MolBioCloud system.
29.56 KB 2018-05-31
IRFinder Installer 1.2.4
This script installs the IRFinder version 1.2.4 in your system path. The example data files are stored in /usr/local/mbcdata
768 B 2018-04-01
mirdeep2 Installer 0.0.8
This script installs the mirdeep2 version 0.0.8. The example tutorial files are stored in /usr/local/molbiocloud/mirdeep2/tutorial_dir/ folder.
11.86 KB 2018-03-12
MolBioCloud Tools Update Feb 2018
Installation instructions at the MolBioCloud tutorial section
23.26 KB 2018-03-01
26.51 KB 2018-07-16
NAMD Installer April 2018
This script installs NAMD in molbiocloud system
11.08 KB 2018-04-01
New Tuxedo Tools
This script installs hisat2 v 2.1.0, stringtie v 1.3.4d and star v 2.5.4b
12.45 KB 2018-04-10
13.70 KB 2018-08-11
Pymol and Modeller Installer - June 2, 2018
This script install pymol and modeller in your system path. FOR MODELLER, please obtain the license key before running this script. You will have to provide the license key during the install process. Otherwise, modeller installation will fail.
11.93 KB 2018-07-03
Rosetta Installer : 3.9 June 29, 2018
This script installs rosetta in your system path
11.49 KB 2018-06-29
Trimmomatic 0.38 August 6 2018
Installs trimmomatic and an alias to the executable jar. Run using the 'trimmomatic' command from the terminal..
11.50 KB 2018-08-06
Variant analysis package
Includes addition/updates of GATK, SURVIVOR, WhatsHap, PLINK, FreeBayes, FileZilla, VEP
13.84 KB 2018-08-11
VMD Installer
Visual Molecular Dynamics
11.13 KB 2018-07-23