Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

Materials used for our basics in NGS analysis training
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Chipseq - Peaks To Motifs
Concepts presentation
5.56 MB 2018-08-29
Cloud Setup
Setup overview presentation
2.25 MB 2018-08-29
Cytoscape for Network based Analysis of RNA-Seq data
Hands-on exercise cookbook
4.68 MB 2018-03-01
Introduction to Variant Analysis
Basic concepts, methods, hands-on commands
7.48 MB 2018-03-01
Network Analysis of Integrated NGS Data
Presentation concepts
3.89 MB 2018-08-29
Ngs Cookbook August2018
5.09 MB 2018-08-29
Ngs Cookbook Nov2018
5.11 MB 2018-11-27
Overview Of NGS Analysis
Birds-eye overview
3.07 MB 2018-08-29
RNA Seq Lecture Demo Final 020718 Clean
RNA-Seq basic concepts, demos, presentation
2.66 MB 2018-03-01
Rnaseq August2018 Hes
19.49 MB 2018-08-29
Rnaseq Nov2018 Hes
6.32 MB 2018-11-27
Shell Script - Commands for Variant Analysis
Shell script with commands used for the variant analysis part of the NGS training.
9.15 KB 2018-08-29
Unix basics, concepts
4.24 MB 2018-03-01