Bioinformatics for Beginners

Contains presentations, files used for the Bioinformatics for Beginners training.
  T Name Size Last modified
Bioinformatics for Beginners - Cookbook - January 2019
PDF of the cookbook with hands-on exercises
7.98 MB 2019-01-17
Bioinformatics In A Box
A broad bird-eye-view presentation on the field of bioinformatics
292.23 KB 2018-03-01
Introduction to Computational Structural Biology
Presentation on concepts and methods in computational structural biology
13.29 MB 2018-03-01
Introduction to Phylogenetic Analysis
Concepts in building and analysing phylogenetic trees
10.99 MB 2018-03-01
Introduction to Sequence Alignment
Sequence alignment concepts
15.30 MB 2018-03-01
Omics Overview
Omics overview presented at the Bioinformatics for Beginners training.
1.93 MB 2018-03-01