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Rosetta For Modeling And Design
Tutorial Files
Example files used for our tutorials
101.40 KB 2018-04-03
MolBioCloud Tools Updates
This file gallery contains the update scripts for the molbiocloud system. Both tools updates and system update scripts are provided here. For information about how to install these, please refer to the MolBioCloud tutorial section.
342.67 KB 2018-08-11
Contains all files used for the circos basic tutorial.
538.53 KB 2018-03-25
Statistics Using R
1.86 MB 2019-09-06
Advanced RNA-Seq Analysis
Contains all presentation materials, hands-on cook book manuals and scripts used in our Advanced RNA-Seq analysis course, conducted at the NIH Bethesda campus.
9.46 MB 2019-10-03
Metagenomics Data Analysis
Hands-on training materials, scripts and presentations used in the 2017 metagenomics training at NIH.
11.33 MB 2018-06-05
Programming for Biomedical Researchers
15.58 MB 2019-08-19
Variant Analysis
FIles here are used for our advanced variant analysis course.
21.72 MB 2019-04-16
Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization
Unix, OpenRefine, Cytoscape, Neo4J
31.96 MB 2018-12-11