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I don't see the Annovar tool installed.
Annovar license restricts us from providing it in our system. If you obtain an academic license for your research purposes, we could help you install and set it up in your molbiocloud system/instance.
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What is the easiest way to upload my data to molbiocloud
The easies way to get your data in, is to use an SFTP client. In mac i have found the cyberduck ftp client ( https://update.cyberduck.io/Cyberduck- ) as useful and easy. If you are using PC the ssh secure shell ftp client is useful and easy ( https://it.wm.edu/software/public/ssh/sshsecureshellclient-3.2.9.exe ).

NOTE: you need to choose the SFTP options when connecting through these clients, not the regular FTP.
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While using the X2Go client to connect, after the connection was made successfully, there was an error on the lines of "unable to execute start-kde". Can you tell me which of the following options to
Please try "MATE" for the desktop session type, instead of KDE ?
Do let us know if you still have issues connecting.
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