Transfering Files In and Out of Cloud Instance

1. FileZilla setup

Download and install appropriate version of FileZilla using the link below;


FileZilla is an open source GUI (Graphic User Interface - aka drag and drop) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. You need the below information to access your linux cloud server to transfer files in and out of it using FileZilla;

  1. Instance address (IP address)

  2. Instance user name

  3. Keypair file or password or other authentication information

2. Start FileZilla

  1. Look for the FileZilla application icon like this ; WWwFRFg6wGxvNigflXdJDPKI0sFhclk0Ig6GkRJBLaHkAY1THrdCJUxkEhIzjx-Xp37dMUbqO9d4afhX90TkheOXOE5o17O3rkrjnGx-4tOEwg4ZT-nP8MA2cEy8Tt5c3lH-Mu2C

  2. Start the program by double clicking the FileZilla icon.

  3. In the FileZilla program window, select File menu option and click “Site Manager...”.


3. Configure connection

  1. In the Site Manager window, click “New Site” button.

  2. In the resulting General options, type the IP address for the “Host”.

  3. Type 22 for “Port”

  4. Make sure you have “SFTP…” chosen for the Protocol

  5. Make sure the Logon Type is “Key File”

  6. Make sure the user name is appropriate - ubuntu in the below example

  7. Browse and set the .pem key pair file path for the “key file” option.

  8. Click “Connect”.



4. Transfer files

Click “OK” if prompted for Unknown host key.



If the connection is established successfully, you will see a window like below screenshot…

  • with the local site (your laptop) folders and files in the left hand side (blue highlight) and

  • the remote site (your cloud instance) folders and files in the right hand side (red highlight).

You can simple drag and drop the files back and forth between the local site and the remote site to transfer the files between them.


5. Close the connection

Simply close the FileZilla window to close the connection.