MolBioCloud Software Installers

How to use MolBioCloud Software Installers


1. Download the installer

Click on the installer of your interest from the list at the bottom of this page, to download the installer to your “Downloads” folder. 

2. Prepare for install

In your terminal, change to the “Downloads” folder and run ‘ls’ command to list the items in the Downloads folder and make sure your installer is there.

3. Check the installer integrity

Run the “sha256sum installername” command and make sure the output matches the signature as provided next to the installer below;

In the below example, we are checking the sha256sum signature for the newtuxedo installer;;

sha256sum trimmomatic

Output of the above command;

cf602ecf80137f86605c58d87517a6c8c47620535c63bf33d83e8989e3be435d  trimmomatic

If there are mismatches in the signature, try downloading the file again or contact us for help, before installing the program.

4. Make the installer executable

use the “sudo chmod 755 installername” command to set the installer as executable. 

In the below example, we are changing the mode of the trimmomatic installer to executable;

sudo chmod 755 trimmomatic

5. Run the installer

Run the script like the following example command, from your “Downloads” directory, or wherever the installer is, as shown below;

sudo ./trimmomatic


If your command does not work after installation, please run the below command to set the path;

source /etc/profile.d/markcbm.sh

The setup assumes that you have not made any system level changes. If the install does not behave as expected, probably the system configuration has been changed. If you face any issues after this update, please let us know ASAP, so that we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

6. Issues ?

If you have any issues with running the installer or need any other information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact at molbiocloud.com

7. MolBioCloud Installers

Release Date Installer Link Description Signature Test
August 6, 2018 Trimmomatic 0.38 Trimmomatic 0.38 cf602ecf80137f86605c58d87517a6c8c47620535c63bf33d83e8989e3be435d  trimmomatic trimmomatic